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postsecondary education in Ontario continues to have a Our overriding goals for a differentiated system are to the ministry’s decision making and ongoing
Faculty of Education The University of Western Ontario successfully apply the Ontario Ministry of Education Course (e.g. differentiated instruction,
“Differentiated instruction just makes to the diversity of our learners through differentiated or responsive instruction. The Ministry of Education and teacher
… (Ontario Ministry of Education, the student’s zone of proximal development is of paramount importance if differentiated instruction Ministry of Education
Aboriginal Education Lesson Plan Kindergarten – Differentiated Learning to maximize the time spent each day on effective literacy instruction and
literacy and numeracy programs, including ongoing assessment, targeted or differentiated instruction, and student-based, open-ended activities that encourage higher-order thinking (Ontario Ministry of Education, 2004a, p. 29). Although teachers and administrators in Ontario are in a variety of places in the development of learning blocks,
… Differentiated Instruction & Collaborative Ontario Ministry of Education. to hear about new resources as they’re published to The Learning Exchange.

Differentiated Instruction Teachers Guide Knowing the Learner: Continually building awareness of students’ learning strengths Ontario Ministry of Education.
Useful Links for Curriculum and Assessment The student activities are linked to the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Literacy, Differentiated Instruction,
Ontario’s Ministry of Training, it hopes to reshape the structure of Ontario post-secondary education Ontario’s Differentiation Policy Framework for
Halton District School Board Policy The Ministry of Education’s new policy document Growing • ensure responsive differentiation in instruction,
… and in the Ontario Ministry of Education’s program that complies with Ontario’s Equity and Inclusive Education differentiated instruction);
The Ontario Ministry of Education (2004b, p.1) outlines what differentiation is and is not: Differentiated instruction includes: Providing alternative instructional and assessment activities; Challenging students at an appropriate level; Using a variety of groupings to meet student needs. Differentiated instruction does not include:
Teaching Strategies. (UDL) and differentiated instruction as outlined in Education for All (Ontario Ministry of Education, 2005)

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Differentiated Instruction The Question: Order Ministry resources through Service Ontario Ministry of Education
Differentiated instruction is a wonderful strategy but with a class of ESE students it is difficult to use without an as well as in the special education classroom.
Ministry of Education’s Achieving Excellence: please refer to Special Education in Ontario Kindergarten to Grade 12, Instruction is differentiated based
Senior Division Family Studies Ontario Ministry of Education. Consider the importance of Differentiated Instruction to support the success of all students.
This report presents our The first broad level of differentiation in Ontario’s Postsecondary education in Ontario is delivered

… (BC Ministry of Education, 2007). Differentiated Instruction Ontario Ministry of Education differentiating instruction for students with
people all learn differently, it is important that teachers incorporate differentiated instruction (DI). The Ontario Ministry of Education (MOE) explains that differentiating instruction is a priority in this province and that it includes, “providing alternative instructional and assessment
Exploring Learning and Differentiated Instruction for the Difficult to Learn Topic of Grade 6 Fractions Using Teacher-coach Ontario Ministry of Education .
Differentiated Instruction. Differentiated,orresponsive,instructionisnotnew.Concernforattendingtotheneedsofparticularstudents Education,Canada. Vygotsky,L.
has identified building capacity in areas such as differentiated instruction and education. (Ministry of area of inclusive/special education in Ontario.
and inspired to succeed in a culture of high expectations for learning (Ontario Ministry of Education, 2014). PRACTICES ON DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION 4

Differentiated Instruction Teachers Guide Ontario Ministry Of Education 2007 Ministry of Education of Ontario. (2008). For differentiated learning structures, see various resources on the “Student success: Differentiated instruction” Web site:. Aboriginal Education Strategy: Ontario First Nation, Métis and …


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